Sunday, November 8, 2009

A walnut slab dining table with bloodwood and steel accents for the Cain family. 30" tall, 38" wide, 95" long.


Nick said...

This table is awesome!!! I have been keeping an eye on your site for updates. As an amateur maker myself, I have gotten some great inspiration from your furniture. I really like the ornamentation of joinery that you emphisize in your pieces.
Are those sliding dovetails attaching the top to the base? How is it assembled "on-site"?

Keep up the great work!

Matt Downer said...

i just discovered your post! A touch tardy, hey? Yes, the sliding dovetailed members keep the surface flat as the slab expands and contracts through the seasons. They also have mortises that accept tenons on the top of the legs which lock in place with bloodwood dowels. You can see them in this photo:

The base is three separate parts which makes transport easier. Carrying the top up the tight and curved staircase during installation was... interesting.

Thanks for the kind words as well as the interest!