Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Leopardwood wall shelf
Black walnut sliding dovetails in quilted maple shelf
13" tall redwood burl vessel
Three hook entryway shelf
Levy Dressers
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Figured cherry drawer faces with purpleheart pulls
Fancy-pants TP roll holder in cherry
Cherry and spalted maple king bed
Through-tennon wedges
Stools puzzle pieces ready for assembly
Cherry stools with alder legs
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Fine tuning runners on Levy dressers.
72" diameter walnut poker table with copper inlay
Copper inlay details

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ahh, the days of yore. A less wrinkled (and over exposed) Matt attempts to visually explain how the top and base lock.
A long gone (way pre-digital photos) side table made of spalted maple and some wildly figured claro walnut. The turnings are mahogany, pine and quilted maple (from the left)
Side table detail
Counter-balanced maple door conceals kitchen tools

A unique side table made of stained alder intended to make the most of an awkward corner in the private tasting cellar of the Cosmopolitan restaurant in Telluride

Close up of cherry wedge

Gallery of previous work 1

This simple shelf is about three feet tall made of dark poplar and spalted maple. The shelves nest into dados (fitted notches) and are held in place with removable wedges. No adhesives or hardware other than two screws to tie it to a wall stud.